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Owl - barn

Barn Owls are lovely, and have been called Delicate Owls, White Owls, or Monkey-Faced Owls because of their appearance. The white face is a heart-shaped disc, serving as a satellite to direct all sound to asymmetrically placed ears. This allows Barn


Except for Antarctica, every continent on the globe is home to Ospreys who either nest or migrate there. They have declined due to habitat loss, hunting, human egg collecting, and chemical pesticide residue in their prey.

Kestrel - European

By maturity, most European Kestrels are between 13 and 15 inches (33 to 39 centimeters) in length. Females are often slightly larger than males. The wingspan usually reaches about 26 inches (70 centimeters). Both sexes have brownish plumage and relat

Kestrel - American

The American Kestrel is a very small falcon, one of the smallest of the common falcons. At maturity, they will generally weigh only four ounces and measure nine to twelve inches in length. The only smaller Falcon is the Seychelles Kestrel, which is f

Hawk - Sharp Shinned

A mature Sharp Shinned Hawk is usually between ten to 14 inches in length (25 to 36 centimeters) and has a 21 to 22 inch (54 to 56 centimeters) wingspan. As with most hawks, females are larger than males. These lovely birds are predominantly bluish g

Hawk - Red Tailed

The Red Tailed Hawk is quite large; it is the second largest Buteo (with Ferruginous hawks being the largest). The mature Red Tailed Hawk will weigh between two and four pounds and measure an average of 22 inches in length. They have an impressive wi

Hawk - Harris

The Harris Hawk is a brown or black bird, 18 to 23 inches tall, with a white rump. These hawks are classed as broadwings, and their wingspans average three and half to four and a half feet! Generally, the shoulders and thighs are a chestnut brown col

Hawk - Ferruginous

There are generally two color variations (or morphs) for the ferruginous hawk, the 'light morph' and the 'dark morph'. The darker of the two is a dark brown to cinnamon in color. The exceptions to the solid color being a white patch on the top of the

Hawk - Cooper's

The general coloration of a Cooper's Hawk is slate blue. Its crown tends to be a darker shade and its back a bit lighter. The entire underside is white and may have rufous barring. The tail has a white band around the edge and is rounded. Cooper's Ha


Gyrfalcons reach about 22 inches in length at maturity. Their wingspan may reach over 60 inches and these birds can weigh more than four and a half pounds. Gyrfalcons have different colorations depending on their home ranges. In more northern areas,

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