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Python - Queensland Carpet

The Queensland Carpet Python is one of the largest of the Carpet Pythons, generally averaging between 72 and 90 inches in length. Some Queensland Carpet Pythons have been recorded at lengths over 14 feet. They have a medium girth, relative to other p

Python - Olive

The Olive Python usually grows to between 8 and 12 feet (two and a half to four meters) long, and its head is well defined. The skin is fairly loose with a uniform green to brown coloration. Shades range from olive green to chocolate brown, and the u

Python - Macklot's

Female Macklot's Pythons are larger than males, usually reaching between seven and eight feet long and 12 to 16 pounds. The males rarely exceed seven feet. The largest specimen of Macklot's Python recorded was over nine feet long. Macklot's Python is

Python - Jungle Carpet

At maturity, Jungle Carpet Pythons grow to lengths between five and a half and eight and a half feet (three meters average). Females are usually larger than males. The bodies of Jungle Carpet Pythons are slender, and their triangular heads are well d

Python - Indian

A large snake, the Indian Python can reach over 20 feet (6m) in length, however, the average length of the Indian Python is about 13 feet (4m). Paler than the Burmese Python, the Indian Python is usually a pale gray or tan color. They have a pattern

Python - Green Tree

At maturity, the Green Tree Python reaches a size of four to six feet. Some specimens have been reported to be larger than six feet, but this is extremely rare. As the name implies, the Green Tree Python is mostly green. Most specimens have yellow, w

Python - Diamond

The Diamond Python is a magnificent snake. At maturity, they reach a size from six to nine feet. Their body color is a shiny dark green to black. As the name implies, Diamond Pythons have a diamond pattern, which runs down their body. This pattern is

Python - Children's

The Children's Python is a small snake. Hatchlings are usually about 23 centimeters; adult males average 69 centimeters, and females around 72 centimeters. They usually do not have a very distinct pattern, unlike the closely related Spotted Python an

Python - Carpet

There are several varieties of Carpet Python that range between 6.5 and 12 ft (2-3.6 meters). The average length is eight feet. While different in coloration, all of the varieties have a rich pattern of markings on the dorsal surface. The smallest su

Python - Calabar Burrowing

The Calabar Burrowing Python is small, averaging around three feet as a mature adult. The body is cylindrical and the head and tail are both blunt. They have small eyes and smooth scales. The Calabar Burrowing Python's body is usually an auburn color

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