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It stands 12 h.h.

Timor Pony

Height : 11 - 12 hh. Colours : Dark, sometimes cream tail and mane. Identifying Features : Small head, short neck, straight slight body, tail high set.

Tiger Horse

A colorful gaited light horse breed that is well balanced and sturdy with no extreme muscling. Head: Ears of medium length, generally curved and notched, mobile and alert. Eyes, large and prominent with white sclera surrounding the iris which can g


The Thoroughbred stands a little over 16 hands on average and its appearance reveals its Arabian ancestry. A refined head with widely-spaced, intelligent eyes sits on a neck which is somewhat longer and lighter than in other breeds. The withers are h


The Tersky breed is a warm-blood breed with a very limited open book. For horses to be considered pure-bred their pedigree may not contain more than 1/8 of thoroughbred blood, of Arabian blood or 1/8 of Trakehner blood. In appearance the Tersky hor

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse generally ranges from 14.3 to 17 hands and weighs 900 to 1200 pounds. The modern Tennessee Walking Horse possesses a pretty head with small well place ears. The horse has a long sloping shoulder, a long sloping hip, a fair


The Tawleed was developed in the Khartoum region of Sudan as a riding horse. It was formed by upgrading Sudan Country-Bred horses with exotic breed, primarily Thoroughbred.


The Tarpan is mouse dun or grulla in color. This means that the body is a smoky gray color, with the face and legs being darker than the body. The mane and tail are flaxen, but dark in the center where the dorsal stripe passes through. They stand bet


The Taishuh is a strong and rugged animal with sturdy legs. Noted for their gentle nature and willingness to obey, these ponies were often ridden by farmers' wives and children. Three Taishuh ponies have been sent to the national animal husbandry c


Sufficient height, big frame, and great "rideability", including excellent movement and enormous jumping ability. If purebred Arabians are considered the "diamonds" of the horse world, Shagyas can be considered the "brilliants", cut and polished in o

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