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Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair

Large or medium sized, well-muscled compact powerful body with short, pompom shaped tail Head Shape large, in shape of a trapezium, rounded in contours wide at the cheekbone level slightly rounded in profile Chin well-developed wide chin Nose a

Japanese Bobtail

Head: The head should form an equilateral triangle. (Not including ears) Ears: Large, upright, set wide apart but at right angles to the head and looking as if alert. Muzzle: Fairly broad and round neither pointed nor blunt. Eyes: Large, oval rath

German Rex

The German Rex is a medium sized, muscular cat with slender legs of a medium length. The head is round with well developed cheeks and large, open, ears. The eyes are of medium size in colours related to the coat colour. The coat is silky and short, w

Foldex Cat

The Foldex started as a cross between the Scottish Fold and the Exotic Shorthair somewhere around 1992. The Foldex has a shorter nose than the Scottish Fold but not as short as the Exotic Shorthair. For people who prefer shorter nose, this is the bre

Don Sphynx

The Don Sphynx is a Russian breed of hairless cat. It is closely related to the Peterbald.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a relatively new breed of cat with a sparse, curly, very soft coat similar to that of the Cornish Rex. The Cornish Rex's coat is unusual because only the down layer of hair is present, the other two layers are absent. The curl in t

Desert Lynx

The Desert Lynx is similar in appearance to a wild bobcat. There are, however, some differences. The wild bobcat has a thinner body than the Desert Lynx and also possesses much longer legs. So while the Desert Lynx is similar in a lot of ways to its


The Cymric (pronounced KIM-rick) is a breed of cat. Some cat registries consider the Cymric a long-haired variety of the manx, rather than a separate breed. The name comes from Cymru, the indigenous Celtic name for Wales. Typically these are tailles


Chausies are known for their wonderful speed and nearly six foot vertical leap. They are large cats, standing anywhere from 14 to 18 inches at the shoulders. They are tall, lean and very long cats, with their hind legs rising slightly higher than the

California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled Cat is a breed of cat. They were bred to resemble spotted wildcats, like the endangered species ocelot and leopard. They were originally bred in the 1980s.

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