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Vulture - Turkey

Mature Turkey Vultures are generally around 27 inches in length and may exhibit a wingspan of up to six feet! In flight, they soar with their wings in a V or dihedral shape. They are generally black or dark brown in color, and adults have red heads t

Vulture - king

Without a doubt, the King Vulture is the most colorful bird in the vulture group. Its basic color is creamy, with its wings and tail being black, and its legs and feet gray. It has no feathers on its head or face to keep the blood of their prey from

Vulture - egyptian

The Egyptian Vulture has a thin beak compared to other Vultures. Its face is a surprisingly bright yellow, with a black-and-white body measuring from 58 to 66 centimeters. Tails of Egyptian Vultures are wedge-shaped and the wings have black tips.

Vulture - california condor


Vulture - bearded

The Bearded Vulture generally grows to about one point one meters and weighs from five to seven kilograms. The wingspan is usually two point eight meters. The body of the Bearded Vulture is yellow with an orange or whitish underside, depending on the

Secretary bird

Secretary Birds are usually three feet tall and weigh between seven and a half and nine pounds. Their wingspans can comprise six and a half feet. Male Secretary Birds are smaller than females. Their peach colored legs are also very long and are heavi

0wl - snowny

Male Snowy Owls are pure white, and weigh about one and three quarters kilograms. Females have white faces, necks, feet and breasts, but otherwise are covered in brown or black bars. They weigh about two kilograms. Snowy Owls measure 20 to 24 inches

Owl - Great horned

These Owls are the largest species of Owl in North America, measuring 18 to 25 inches. They got the name "Great Horned" Owl from the two tufts of feathers on either side of their heads. The eyes are typically yellow, although before two weeks of age,

Oowl - European eagle

The European Eagle Owl is the largest owl in Europe. These raptors are about 27 inches (69 centimeters) long and males are smaller than females. Females can weigh about nine pounds (between 2,280 and 4,200 grams), though males usually weigh just over

Owl - burrowing

By maturity, Burrowing Owls are usually eight inches (24 centimeters) in length with a 22 inch wingspan. These owls have short tails and long legs that allow them to run and walk with swiftness and ease. Usually, Burrowing Owls are brown and are spot

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