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Rat Snake - Everglades

One of the largest Rat Snakes found in North America, the Everglades Rat Snake averages between 36 and 72 inches in length, although they can reach up to 90 inches (though this is NOT the norm). When young, the Everglades Rat Snake has dark gray blot

Rat Snake - Emory's

Adult Emory's Rat Snakes average between 24 and 48 inches in length, thought they can reach over five feet in length. They appear in a variety of subspecies, with distinct colorations, both in the wild and in captivity. The most common Emory's Rat Sn

Rat Snake - Black

The Black Rat Snake is really quite large, averaging four to six feet in length, though some especially huge examples have grown to eight feet. As the name implies, the Black Rat Snake is mostly black, although in infancy these snakes are a lighter c

Rat Snake - Baird's

By maturity, most Baird's Rat Snakes reach lengths between 25 and 55 inches . The scales are slightly keeled. Usually the dorsal color is gray and brown, although it may be available in both amelanistic and leucistic varieties. The edges of the scale

Python - White Lipped

D'Alberts Pythons are typically dark reddish-brown in color with creamy undersides, and they grow to a length of about four to six feet. The southern subspecies of D'Alberts Python is black in color and grows larger, usually seven to eight feet. Both

Python - Timor

Timor Pythons have an attractive brown pattern, though the pattern only exists on the front of the snake. The rear lacks any pattern at all and is largely a green or brownish color. Individuals will vary in shade and pattern. Their skin will occasion

Python - Sumatra Blood

The Sumatra Blood Python gets its name from the blood red color that washes over its skin. They are also dusted in light yellows and oranges and have thick bodies, perfect for constricting.

Python - Sawu island

Dorsally, the Sawu Pythons are dark snakes, but they have white bellies. When they are adults, the Sawu Pythons have white eyes, which contrast strongly against their dark bodies. The Sawu Python will reach a size of two to four feet at maturity.

Python - Ringed

Rarely exceeding six feet in length, the Ringed Python is a moderately sized creature. They generally average between four and five feet. The pattern on the Ringed Python's body varies greatly within the species. The hatchling Ringed Python are amazi

Python -Reticulated

The extremely large Reticulated Python can reach up to 25 feet or more in length and weigh up to 350 pounds. Most specimens are somewhat smaller, usually averaging around 20 feet, and the females are usually larger than the males. The body of the Ret

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