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Welsh Pony and Cob

The general description of the Welsh Mountain Pony can be applied to the Welsh Pony, with greater emphasis being placed on riding pony qualities while still retaining the true Welsh quality with substance. For generations these ponies were the hill

Welara Pony

If pure Arabs are too small to meet requirements for the Arabian stud book, then they are accepted.


Walkaloosas come in many shapes and sizes...the smooth natural gaits and colorful coat patterns make this animal quite unique. Their heads bay be straight or slightly dished, and their eyes are ringed with white sclera and are large and kind and wide


Height : 15 - 16 hh. Colours : All solid colours. Identifying Features : Physique variable, but usually Thoroughbred or Hunter type.


The Vyatka's features are a clean-cut head, a wide forehead and broad jaws. The neck is short and fleshy, often well-arched; the withers are average in size; the back is broad, long and sometimes slightly dipped at the withers; the croup is wide and


In appearance, they have a small head set on a strong, thick neck. They are very powerful through the shoulders, deep through the girth and have very muscular hindquarters. Invariably the Viatka has a long, luxurious mane and tail, and in the winter

Vladimir Heavy Draft

Height : 16 - 17 hh. Colours : Brown, bay. Identifying Features : Heavy head, powerful neck, burly body, stocky legs, long mane, long tail.

Ukrainian Saddle

The average measurements (in cm) of stallions are: height at withers 165, oblique body length 166, chest girth 191, cannon bone girth 21; the measurements of mares are somewhat less: 160, 160, 188 and 19.8 respectively. The most widespread colours ar


The Trakehner is a large horse, standing generally between 16 and 17 hands. The breed is characterized by great substance and bone, yet displays surprising refinement, perhaps more so than any other European warmblood breed. It is a superb performanc


The modern Tori is clearly a harness type and has a very clean and solid build. Its conformational features include a large or medium-sized head, clean-cut and sometimes with a shortened poll. The neck is medium in length and fleshy; withers are aver

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