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Turkey - Bronze

By maturity, male Bronze Turkeys (toms) usually weigh 25 to 40 pounds, while females (hens) weigh between 14 and 26 pounds. Their feathers are dull black with a hint of greenish brown, and appear to have a metallic sheen in daylight. The rump of this

Quail - Common

The Common Quail has been bred in two size varieties. One is the size that is found in the wild, and the other is a larger variety that was developed for meat and larger eggs. Color varieties have also been developed. These include, Normal (the norma

Quail - Bobwhite

At maturity, a Bobwhite Quail usually measures about ten inches in length. Predominantly, the Bobwhite Quail is a rusty brown color, although its underside may be lighter brown. Often there is gray coloration over the back of the quail. A male Bobwhi

Peafowl - India Blue

The India Blue Peacock is directly related to the pheasant in both genes and size. The main difference between the two, in fact, is the Peafowl's beautiful plumage, which they do not develop until they have reached at least three years of maturity. T

Peafowl - Green

Java Green Peafowl are strikingly colored, and there is little sexual dimorphism. The males have iridescent green feathers edged in black, which have the appearance of scales. Their crests are erect and their heads are covered in iridescent blue-gree

Goose - Toulouse

Toulouse Geese are generally seen in two forms. One is reserved mostly for showing, and the other is used more commonly for meat production. The show form, or Dewlap form, of Toulouse Goose is larger, often weighing 25 to 30 pounds. It has a large de

Goose - Brown African

Brown African Geese are heavy geese, with males weighing between nine and 13 kilograms or about 20 pounds and females weighing eight to 11 kilograms or about 18 pounds. They are quite thick set and have large dewlaps. Brown African Geese have black b

Duck - Pekin

The Pekin Duck embodies what the classic white duck should look like. The average mature Pekin Ducks weighs between 8 and 9 pounds, though larger show varieties have been developed. Their plumage is white and they have orange bills, legs and feet. So

Duck - Mallard

Mallard Ducks usually weigh around two and a half pounds (just over a kilogram), and measures about 25 inches (between 50 and 62 centimeters) in length. Females are less striking in appearance than males. They have brown beaks, and their feathers are

Chicken - American Dominique

The Dominique Chicken is well known for its rose colored comb. It has black and white barred plumage, and wattles that are bright red on the head and face. They have a heavy plumage, which has been used for down in feather beds and pillows. These chi

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