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Yellow Foot Tortoise

A moderately sized tortoise, the Yellow Foot Tortoise averages around 16 inches for males and between 24 and 30 inches for females. They have a very thick, heavy shell. They have brown limbs and head, with some yellow or orangish scales.

Star Tortoise

It is very obvious where the Star Tortoise gets its name. The carapace of a Star Tortoise is grayish brown and sometimes almost black in color with a golden brown star pattern on their Carapace plates. Hatchling Star Tortoises are very small, measuri

Russian Tortoise

The Russian Tortoise generally reaches a length of 6 to 8 inches. Their skin is often tan in color. Their carapace is very round and comes in a variety of colors such as tan, yellow-green, and olive. They often have dark markings on the scutes of the

Red Foot Tortoise

The largest known Redfoot Tortoise was 17.75 inches long. Most others, however, will reach a maximum of 10 to 12 inches. Their shell is more oval than round, and when viewed from above, many Redfoot Tortoises will have a slight hourglass figure to th

Radiated Tortoise

The Radiated Tortoise has a high-domed carapace, which is brilliantly marked. Its name comes from the striking yellow lines that radiate from the center of each dark plate on the shell. This tortoise's pattern is much more detailed and intricate than

Pancake Tortoise

It has been reported that in the case of juvenile Pancake Tortoises the plastron, roughly the center, acts as a diaphragm and can be pushed out from the body. In other words, the width of the tortoise does actually expand for juveniles, allowing them

Marginated Tortoise

The largest known European Tortoise, the average Marginated Tortoise reaches about 14 inches in carapace length. As with many tortoises, the female is larger than the male. They have serrated marginals at the rear of the carapace. The Marginated Tort

Leopard Tortoise - South African

The fourth largest tortoise found in the world today, the South African Leopard Tortoise can reach up to 23 inches in carapace length. Male South African Leopard Tortoises usually get larger than females. The Leopard Tortoise's shell is usually marke

Leopard Tortoise

The African Leopard Tortoise can grow to lengths of nearly 28 inches, though lengths of about 18 inches are much more common.They can weigh up to 100 pounds, although most Leopard Tortoises do not exceed 50 pounds. The Leopard Tortoise's top shell, o

Impressed Tortoise

Growing up to slightly over 12 inches (30.5 cm), but rarely exceeding 11 inches (28cm) in carapace length, the Impressed Tortoise is a moderately sized tortoise. They have a somewhat flattened appearance when compared to the Asian Brown Tortoise, a c

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