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The old Zhemaichu type was small in size (up to 144 cm in height); it had a small straight or somewhat dished face head with a wide forehead. The neck was well muscled, the trunk undersized, the withers not too high, the black flat and solid, and the

Zemaituka (Zhumd)

The Zemaituka has a fairly bulky frame. They have a broad, muscular neck set into a deep chest. The back is short and compact, the croup sloping, and the tail low-set. The shoulder is fairly upright. The legs are short and muscular with tough hooves,


In body form all equids are quite similar. They are specialized for running and for grazing on siliceous grasses, which rapidly wear down the teeth. Species can be differentiated, however, on the basis of qualitative and quantitative characteristics


The breed is small, standing about 11 hands (115 cm). Two small herds of about 108 horses remain on the island ranging free and are rounded up once a year for inspection, removal of pests and inoculation. The Yonaguni are usually chestnut. The head i


The neck is of average length and slightly arched in males; the withers are well pronounced and blend smoothly into the back. The back is short and strong; the loin is longer than usual; the ribs are well spring; the chest is deep; the shoulder has g


The measurements (in cm) of Middle Kolym stallions are: height at withers 139, oblique body length 148, chest girth 173, cannon bone girth 19.7; the mares are 137, 145, 171 and 18.1 respectively. The measurements of the smaller southern type are much




The Wielkopolski has a fine head with a straight profile. This is set into an elegant, long neck. The horse has sloping shoulders and a deep and wide chest. It is muscular, compact, and deep in the body, with powerful hindquarters. They can be any so

Welsh Cob (Section D)

(14:2hh to 15:2hh) The head shows great quality with Pony character. Bold prominent eyes, a broad forehead and neat, well set ears. The body must be deep, on strong limbs with good "hard wearing" joints and an abundance of flat bone.

Welsh mountain pony (Section A)

The head of the Mountain Pony should be small, with neat pointed ears, big bold eyes and a wide forehead. The jaw should be clean cut, tapering to a small muzzle; the silhouette may be concave or "dished" but never convex or too straight. The neck sh

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