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Wild Abyssinian

This shorthaired cat possesses many of the same attributes of the standard Abyssinian cat. Yet it differs in the following ways; it is generally larger in body than the average Abyssinian. Weighing any where from 9 to 17 pounds (4-7.5kg). And it also


Conformation The ears often have "lynx" brushes. The body is muscular, but not massive. The neck is firm but not long. The legs are medium length, muscular and in proportion with firm, rounded paws. The tail has a rounded tip (like the European Wildc


The Toyger is a breed of striped domestic cat. The Toyger is descended from Bengal cat stock crossed with domestic cats. The aim of this cross was to produce a striped 'toy tiger'. It was recognised for 'Registration only' by The International Cat A


The Thai is a wonderful choice in a cat for any fancier. It's calm temperament makes it well suited for multiple environments, be it apartment living or a country setting. They are patient with children and calm enough to make good pets for seniors a


Although superficially solid white, the Suqutranese (Socotranese) is essentially a ticked cat. It is a Somali-type semi longhair with white fur with glistening silver banding. UK registries and Somali breed societies frown upon anyone advertising "Wh


The Sokoke is a breed of cat. The original name of the breed was Khadzonzos. The Khadzonzos cats were discovered in the Sokoke-Arabuke forest, on the Kenyan coast, by Jeni Slater in 1978. Gloria Moeldrop, a friend of Slater's, brought some of the cat


The Snowshoe is a breed of cat. The first Snowshoes appeared in the 1960s in America, as a result of cross-breeding between a Siamese and a bi-colored American Shorthair. The ears are large and triangular. The head will also be triangular and usuall

Scottish Fold

The face of a Scottish fold is almost 'owl-like', with their large eyes and gently folded ears. The folds come in three degrees; single fold, double fold and triple fold. The triple fold being the most folded and usually found in only show cats. Ther


The Sphynx (aka Canadian Hairless) is a rare breed of cat with extremely little fur, or at most a short fuzz over its body, and no whiskers (vibrissae). Their skin is the color their fur would be, and all the usual cat marking patterns (solid, point,


The Singapura is the smallest cat in the world, weighing only 5-7 pounds. Muscular and well proportioned, they have a short, silky coat with ticking like Abyssinians. This banding ranges from a warm ivory to a sepia creating a delicate coloration. B

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