Boa - Amaral's

Alternative Name
Bolivian Boa, Amarals Boa Scientific Name: Boa constrictor amarali

Basic Info

Amaral's Boa is one of the smaller Boa constrictor species, males rarely exceed five feet long and females rarely exceed six feet. Amaral's Boas usually have short, brown tails. Some tails are orange. The body of Amaral's Boa is often brown and sometimes silver. The saddles on Amaral's Boa are sometimes very narrow, only four scales wide. The saddle extends to the vent, where the tail pattern begins. Amaral's Boa has an underside that is usually grayish with lots of speckles.



Boa - Amaral

They can live in tropical forests, fields, or on savannahs. They can live at all elevations and prefer dry conditions.


The Amaral's Boa, also known as the Bolivian Boa, is a moderately small constrictor from South America. They are interesting, beautiful snakes that are very uncommon in captivity. Boa Constrictors like Amaral's Boa live both on the ground and in trees. The Boa Constrictor is able move not only by lateral undulation, which is movement by the sideways curves of the body, but also by rectilinear movement, which moves the snake in a straight line. They kill their prey by constriction.


South America


Amaral's Boas can be found in Bolivia, South Brazil, and Paraguay. Many snakes from north Brazil are misidentified as Amaral's Boas when they are actually common boas (Boa constrictor).

Common Foods

Amaral's Boas feed on lizards, birds, and mammals in the wild. In captivity, they are often fed mice, rats, and rabbits.

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