Canary - Norwich

Alternative Name
Scientific Name: Serinus canaria

Basic Info

The Norwich Canary is a heavily built canary. It is larger than many canaries measuring six and a half inches in length. The Norwich Canary comes in an array of colors including Cinnamon, Yellow and Buff. The Norwich Canary is a color fed canary, if color fed the plumage will exhibit an intense, rich shade of orange. The classic Norwich Canary was much smaller than those seen in today's show rings.



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The Norwich Canary is one of the most popular canary breeds kept and shown by fanciers today. It is not as commonly kept and shown as the Border Canary, but it is very popular! The Norwich Canary has a cobby, stocky body with a large head that rests on a thick neck. Because of its size the The Norwich Canary is not as energetic or nimble as its smaller cousins, but it should not exhibit lethargy. This is most likely caused by the desire to produce exceedingly larger birds with increased thickness in plumage.




The Norwich Canary was originally developed in the cathedral city of Norwich. The Norwich is one of the oldest varieties of canary developed in England. They were initially introduced to England as early as the 1600's. It quickly rose to popularity and was foremost in shows as early as 1850. Today it is still quite popular in shows, though its popularity has decreased.

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