Tetra - White Skirt

Alternative Name
Blueberry Tetra, Strawberry Tetra, Rainbow Tetra Scientific Name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Basic Info

White Skirt Tetras average two inches in length at maturity. Unlike Black Skirts, the White Skirt Tetra lacks stripes. They are very light and almost appear transparent. In motion, they appear fan-like. White Skirt Tetras are also commonly color died in captivity. Many of these fish are dyed by injecting them with dye using a needle and this will usually result in a decreased lifespan these fish. Some are fed dyed food to make them colorful, but this color is not permanent either. There are several different varieties, which are named according to their colors. Some of these include the Strawberry, the Blueberry and the colorful Rainbow Tetra. In addition to artificially dyed varieties there are also natural pink and blue color variations which are quite popular in captivity.


White Skirt Tetras are tropical fish and need to be kept in tanks that are maintained at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They can handle a wide pH range, though it should be kept between 5.8 and 8.5. Water hardness should not be allowed to exceed 30 dGH. As far as feeding, White Skirt Tetras are omnivorous and do well on a varied diet that includes flake and freeze dried foods. They also seem to do well on frozen foods too. Some good choices include tubifex worms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, glass worms, daphnia, and plankton. It is important to include some vegetation in their diets for optimal health. Their tanks should be decorated with of hiding places. Rocks, plants, and driftwood all make excellent hide spots. In addition this species does best in planted aquariums. White Skirt Tetras should be kept in schools of three or more in order to allow them to thrive. Breeding The White Skirt Tetra is generally easy to breed when it is kept in the correct environment. Males and females can be visually sexed because the females have narrower anal fins than males. Males are also significantly smaller than females, and females are usually rounder. If you intend to breed White Skirts, they should be kept in a school and removed from the tank in which they have laid their eggs. Babies will take a year to reach their full adult size of two inches.

Tetra - White Skirt picture

Fresh water fish


White Skirt Tetras are albino Black Skirt Tetras, and for this reason their care and behavior is virtually the same as the Black Skirt. Although they are not aggressive, White Skirt Tetras will usually not allow themselves to be bullied by other fish. White Skirt Tetras are schooling fish that easily form schools with fish of similar size, though they tend to nip the fins of slower moving fish. The White Skirt usually swims in the middle regions of the tank, and they do quite well in community tanks. The White Skirt is a peaceful, hearty fish that is relatively easy to care for making it an excellent choice for beginning hobbyists.


South America


White Skirt Tetras are native to South America. They are seen in several countries including Bolivia and Paraguay. They are popular in captivity because of their peaceful natures, relatively easy care, and lovely appearances.

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