Tetra - Glow Light

Alternative Name
Tetra - Cardinal

Basic Info

Glow Light Tetras usually reach lengths of about one and a half to one and three quarters inches (four to six centimeters) by the time they are full-grown. The background color of the Glow Light Tetra is metallic dark silver, and a bright orange-red line runs down the length of the body. This line tends to darken as the fish ages, growing more visible, and older specimens may be particularly beautiful. Glow Light Tetras have reddish fins that are brighter on males, and may even tend toward yellowish shades.


Glow Light Tetras do well in enclosures that have temperatures between 74 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit (24 and 26 degrees Celsius). Soft water of a degree of hardness between 6.0 and 8.0 along with a pH between 6.6 and 7.0 should be used. Plenty of hiding places like plants, rocks, or driftwood should be offered. Glow Light Tetras can be kept in enclosures with other non-aggressive fish that will not bully them. They seem to mix particularly well with other similarly sized tetras like Neon Tetras. Most Glow Light Tetras are fed live and frozen bloodworms, glass worms, and brine shrimp. Frozen beef heart, vegetable, daphnia, and plankton, as well as live tubifex worms. Many Glow Light Tetras also do well when kept on freeze dried and flake foods. Breeding Glow Light Tetras usually breed when sexes are combined. Females often have rounder bodies than males, who are more brightly colored. Often, a breeding tank is provided with live plants and a grate to allow hiding places and places for spawning. A temperature around 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) is maintained. Sexes should be separated prior to breeding and conditioned with feedings of highly nutritious or live foods. Then, the female Glow Light Tetra should be introduced to the breeding enclosure around midday. Usually, the addition of the male in evening will result in spawning. Both parents are removed in the morning. If they have spawned, the Glow Light Tetra eggs normally require about a day before they will hatch. The fry are raised on "green water" or planktonic algae, or other foods appropriate for very small fry.

Tetra - Glow Light picture

Fresh water fish


The Glow Light Tetra is a beautiful fish that can make a non-aggressive addition to many aquariums. These brilliantly colored fish can add great aesthetic value to community tanks! When kept in groups, Glow Light Tetras show schooling behavior. They normally remain in the middle regions of their aquariums and can make impressive features simply by swimming about in normal activity, due to their lovely light-catching coloration. Because Glow Light Tetras are not aggressive, they should be kept with other fish that are not aggressive and will not eat small fish, or they could be bullied. Glow Light Tetras are usually active. When kept in aquariums with subdued lighting and dark bottoms, they tend to glow especially brightly.


South America


Glow Light Tetras are native to South America, particularly to Guyana's Essequibo River. It is often bred in captivity and is quite popular, due to the ease of its care and its beauty.

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