Tetra - Black Skirt

Alternative Name
Black Tetra, Black Widow Scientific Name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Basic Info

Black Skirt Tetras usually reach a length of between two and two and a quarter inches at maturity. As they grow, Black Skirt Tetras lighten in color from darker blacks to more gray shades. It should be noted that in addition to age there are other factors that can contribute to lightening as well. The degree of lighting in the tank usually determines if the fish will appear black silver anterior ends, or just plain silver. When these fish are stressed, they change into their silvery, grayish form. It would help greatly to keep the lighting dim, and have a dark substrate. They are usually seen with a silver color with black striping, and their tail fins are translucent. In motion, they appear fan-like.


Black Skirt Tetras should be kept in schools in order to allow them to thrive. Breeding The Black Skirt Tetra is generally easy to breed when it is kept in the correct environment. Generally, they should be kept in a school and removed from the tank in which they have laid their eggs. Females have narrower anal fins than males. This fin will also run parallel to their second vertical stripe.

Tetra - Black Skirt picture

Fresh water fish


Black Skirt Tetras are lovely little fish that make charming additions to many freshwater tanks. They get along well in community settings and are quite beautiful. Although they are usually not aggressive, Black Skirt Tetras will usually not allow themselves to be bullied by other fish. It should also be noted that Black Skirts may be fin nippers and it might not be a good idea to put them in tanks with fish that have the types of fins that would attract them, for example Bettas and Angelfish. There are of course exceptions to this rule, and it may help to introduce the Black Skirt Tetras to the tank after long finned fish, such as the Betta are added. With fish about the same size as they are, Black Skirt Tetras will show schooling behavior. Usually, they will do well in a tank kept at about 78 degrees Fahrenheit and will generally stay toward the middle of the tank. Tanks with plenty of hiding places like decorative rocks, plants, or driftwood, may be nice for Black Skirt Tetras. The pH of the water should be kept between 5.0 and 8.3.


South America


Native to South America, Black Skirt Tetras are also known as Black Widows or Black Tetras. Generally, their range stretches between Bolivia and Paraguay. They are popular in captivity because of their peaceful natures, relatively easy care, and lovely appearances.

Common Foods

Black Skirt Tetras will eat flake or freeze dried foods, although they may do well on frozen, defrosted food items as well. Tubifex worms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, glass worms, daphnia, and plankton are all acceptable.

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