Tetra - Black Phantom

Alternative Name
Scientific Name: Megalamphodus megalopterus

Basic Info

When it reaches maturity, the Black Phantom Tetra will be about two inches long. Females can be distinguished by the red pectoral and anal fins. A male Black Phantom Tetra will have smoky gray pectoral and anal fins.


The Black Phantom is an easy fish to keep. It can survive in water temperatures from 72 to 82 degrees fahrenheit. It has a broad pH range, from six to seven and a half. It eats the usual frozen and live fish foods, glass worms, brine shrimp, blood worms, tubifex worms, plankton, beef heart, and plankton. Black Phantom Tetras will also eat flake and freeze dried foods. Breeding Black Phantoms are fairly easy to breed. Having the water at a pH of 5.9, with soft light and live food will help to entice the Black Phantom to breed. Additionally some hobbyists recommend using coconut fiber in a small breeding tank that contains approximately four inches of water inside. Then separate the pair for about an hour before putting both of them together inside the tank for breeding.

Tetra - Black Phantom picture

Fresh water fish


The Black Phantom Tetra, or Magalomphodus megolopterus, is an elegant fish will add beauty to any tank. They are attractive and hardy, which make them highly recommended for beginners, and a must for every hobbyist as well. Black Phantoms are relatively peaceful fish. They will not bother or harm any other fish in their aquarium. However, male Black Phantoms will display aggressiveness towards each other. They will stake out their territory in a ritual-like manner. This ritual consist of the males putting up their fins and circling one another until one of them submits and backs away. The Black Phantoms will never actually fight, and no harm will come from this ritual, although can be pleasing to watch. Black Phantoms will fit in any community aquarium. They like a habitat with a moderate amount of rock, driftwood and live plants. The Black Phantom Tetra will not bother live plants. These fish generally swim in the middle of the tank and should be kept in schools. The Black Phantom Tetra is relatively easy to keep and quite suitable for the beginning hobbyist.


South America


The native land of the Black Phantom Tetra is Brazil.

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