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"Aegidienberger" is resistant and persistent a medium sized, correct and strong riding horse,; with sufficient aristocracy and genetically firmly embodied spaceseizing Toelt. With color and badge there is no preference in any direction.


By the crossing of the races "Caballo Peruano de Paso" and the Iceland horse, the described breed goal is to be achieved according to the classical genetic method of the 5/8 crossing. In the Rheini horse album the described crossings are registered as "Aegidienberger" and receive large "R" as fire characters.

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The "Aegidienberger" is a Naturtoelter. The Toelt is genetically fixed and must be informally visible already with the young horse at the hand. At the hand freitoeltende horses are not to be excluded from the breed. By means of a good step a clear is to be achieved, easily in the four-cycle riding Toelt. Trab, passport and gallopp are secondary, do not remain not unconsidered however. With greatest possible vibrationlessness of the rider the speed is to be achieved by space grasp, energetic and accented movements. Going will, efficiency and natural meeting must be clearly recognizable. A character, temper, intelligence and friendly nature are to distinguish the horse. Aggressive or phlegmatische animals may not be used for the breed. The idea to cross Iceland horses with Caballo Peruano de Paso was born in Peru von Walter field man senior and junior with the attendance of the Peruvian championships in Lima. Here one saw leichtrittige, exzellent toeltende horses, with much aristocracy, action and temper, which offered however Iceland horses used rider to that too little speed. This was one of the reasons of the crossing attempt to reach by restriction of the Terminos more speed. There were still several reasons, Toeltverbesserung here, foundation improvement there, heat tolerance, robustness, Leichtrittigkeit, quantity etc. etc.. One developed a breeding programme, which had as final goal to combine the positive POINTS of both races. In the following one not in details lost, which over a correct riding horse obtain each technical book, but only important note itself. Aegidienberger are fast, as vibrationlessly as fast, as reliably as vibrationless and fast.




The 1981 with large commitment under the patronage of the Rheini horse album, with the technical consultation of the director/conductor of the institute for animal breeding science the first steps brought accomplished breed attempt to the agricultural faculty of the University of Bonn, Mr. Professor Dr. Schmitten, the breed leader of the Rheini horse album, Mr. director of agriculture Dr. Dohn and a farsighted, tolerant breeder community, with success behind itself.

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