Wild Abyssinian

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This shorthaired cat possesses many of the same attributes of the standard Abyssinian cat. Yet it differs in the following ways; it is generally larger in body than the average Abyssinian. Weighing any where from 9 to 17 pounds (4-7.5kg). And it also has a curious 'M' shaped marking on its forehead, which is described by some as a 'frown'. Also, it has other dark markings on several areas of its body, a pattern standard Abyssinians lack. These differing markings appear as dark rings on the tail and neck and dark bars on the legs. With these features in mind, some have described the Wild Abyssinian as appearing like a cross between a Tabby Cat and an Abyssinian. With its stunning dark markings and rich golden brown coat this cat can only be described as handsome. The coat of the Wild Abyssinian is short lying, dense and fine. Its paws are large in comparison to the rest of its medium body, and are oval shaped. Its face is intermediate shaped with a pink nose and large round eyes, lacking the slant of the oriental breeds.



Wild Abyssinian

Europe and the United States


The Wild Abyssinian is a wonderful addition to any household seeking an independent friendly cat. Its name is misleading as it implies a 'wild feline'. This cat is in no way wild or feral and closely resembles the modern Abyssinian in many ways.




Although its ancestors originated in Singapore, this breed was developed in Italy the 1980's. At this time it is not widely recognized. Currently established breeding programs are being maintained in Europe and the United States.

Common Foods

cat food, milk

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