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The Toyger is a breed of striped domestic cat. The Toyger is descended from Bengal cat stock crossed with domestic cats. The aim of this cross was to produce a striped 'toy tiger'. It was recognised for 'Registration only' by The International Cat Association in the early 1990s. There are several breeders in the United States and one breeder in the UK working to develop the breed The Toyger is a designer cat. It is designed and bred with the demands of modern apartment life as a human companion foremost in mind. Glittered, pelted, dramatic pattern appeals to both the high-tech glamour and nature-loving, wild dreams of city-caught people while the laid back, easily trained character of these cats make them a joy to live with.


Certainly general health and longevity must be of top concern to breeders and pet owners alike. Toygers are generally robust and healthy. Although it is too early in the breed to see much difference from most domestics, active lifespan seems to be similar to most random breds at about 10 to 15 years with several of the few retired early TGs born in the last '80s still going strong.

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Loving, intellegent, laid-back but active and alert. Highly trainable. Gets along well with other animals and children. Some lines like other cats better than other lines at this time. Some lines are noisy at this time.


United States


The Toyger is a breed in development. Recognized by TICA for Registration Only early in the 1990's, Preliminary New Breed in 2000 and lovely even now, the goals for the breed are long term and the prospect even more exciting! Several of the features proposed have never before been recognized as possible in a domestic cat. Progress is slow but steady in all areas from companionability to appearance. The Toyger will be showing in its new TICA status of Advanced New Breed May 2006.

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cat food, milk

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