Alternative Name
The Drain Cat, Kucinta

Basic Info

The Singapura is the smallest cat in the world, weighing only 5-7 pounds. Muscular and well proportioned, they have a short, silky coat with ticking like Abyssinians. This banding ranges from a warm ivory to a sepia creating a delicate coloration. Big, expressive eyes and large ears dominate a rounded head. The muzzle is medium length and square with the tabby "M" on the forehead. It sports a distinctive nose and large chin. Eye colors are hazel, green, or yellow, but there is only one accepted hair color as described above. The Singapura has strong legs and small feet


Extremely low maintenance, the Singapura needs only an occasional stroking with a gloved hand.

Singapura picture



This is a fairly undemanding cat, but very loving and good-natured. It prefers to walk away from a fight, than to participate. Even adult males enjoy each other's company, preferring to sleep together in a big pile. Highly intelligent and curious, they might be found trying to help you with your typing at a computer keyboard, or assisting in the preparation of the family dinner. They remain extremely playful throughout adulthood. Be alert when trying to train these adorable cats, or they will get the upper hand and you'll be left with something of a brat. Your Singapura will try to get what he wants by imploring you with his big eyes and angelic attitude. Don't fall for it! This cat will readily adapt to any situation with good humor. Affectionate, but quiet, they speak with soft voices




The Singapura descended from a native cat of Singapore. Also known as the "drain cat" because of its habitat in Singapore's culverts, it is a recently acknowledged cat. It is still comparatively rare. Ironically, the Singapore government that had eliminated cat habitats, declared the Singapura to be a "living national monument." Singapura cat statues adorn the river and Singapuras are a large part of Singapore's promotions. It was first introduced to the Cat Fanciers Association in 1981 by an American couple who brought back three local cats to the United States in the early 1970s and began to breed them. It has also been documented that a cat acquired at a pound is a legitimate progenitor of Singapuras. Early breeders were intensely committed to legitimizing the cat. The first Grand Champion earned his title very soon after the Singapura was accepted in 1988 as a natural breed.

Common Foods

cat food, milk

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